7 Benefits of Quitting Your Job and Moving onto a Boat in Greece


Have you ever wanted to break free and try something nontraditional? For example, not buying the $300,000+ home that will cost you a lifetime to pay off. Literally. If I bought a house at this point in my life, I would pay it off… then die.

I’m trying to be realistic and yet live my life fully. I mean really living- when you feel the breeze on your face, when you laugh with your entire belly, when you learn something new about life and about yourself by reflecting on the norms and values of another culture, when you refuse to deny your dreams.

This is my conundrum.

Therefore, due to my current confused state, I have decided to write for you a list that provides you with some of the benefits of moving onto a boat in Greece. I understand there must be forethought and planning, for example, saving money to use when you arrive, and I understand there is a long list of reasons of why you should stay within the carefully planned route.



This advice is coming from someone who is taking the “safe” route. I’m still at my day job. I try to travel once a year, but I can’t always afford it. You may not want to take my advice too seriously. However, if you want to give it a go, here are 7 benefits of quitting your job and moving onto a boat in Greece.

  1. The rent is affordable. (A small boat and storage is more affordable than a mortgage for a $300,000+ house. Our boat is currently in Greece, and we pay less than 100 per month.
  2. On a small boat, you can literally wake up and make coffee without moving.
  3. You can finally study Greek in Greece.
  4. You can become a sailor or at least try.
  5. You can meet other interesting people who live on boats and forge new friendships.
  6. Your friends will thank you. They want to travel, but they can’t afford it. Now, they only need to pay for the flight because they can stay with you for free.
  7. You will live an adventure.

It may be now or never, and if it doesn’t work out, you could always move back, get a job and an apartment and a car payment and car insurance and jump back into “normalcy”. Seriously. There are jobs, there are apartments… just jump back in.


My advice is to save your money and go for it. Live your dream whether it is living on a boat in Greece or spending a year traveling in Africa. Live it now. Even if it is only for a year or two. You may like it so much that you sail or travel away, never look back, and take the road less traveled.

Dreams come in various forms. It could be living where you do and raising fabulous kids, or it could be loving your line of work, or it could be starting a business or a non-profit. For those of us with Wanderlust, to dream means to travel. If you have been bit by the Wanderlust bug, what is your dream and where will you travel to next? I would love to hear from you.

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