I must admit that I am incredibly lucky. I am not sure why. It may be karma, or it may be chance. I am not stating that my life is perfect, nor am I bragging. I too have had my share of tragedy. However, I am still somehow lucky.

I work hard, I teach. I pay my students loans, and I have a little money left. This little bit of extra money is why I work. I work for a 3-4 week holiday on the Mediterranean, eating tzatziki, reading, snorkeling, breathing the salty air, exploring, hiking, and drinking wine.

This is where one of the lucky parts comes in: We have a small sailboat.


This is her.



This is me and I am seasick– unlucky.

I am not always lucky. I could give countless examples. However, for the sake of boring you, I will not recount them. One unlucky circumstance for me has been my inability to enjoy our little boat. I love the sea, the salt, the breeze, but every time we would leave the shore, I would become sick. However, the boat and I had a real breakthrough this summer. Finally, after countless times of nausea and vomiting (which is definitely unlucky), we came to a truce.

I am not sure if this will help you on your next sailing adventure, but in the case that it might, here is the recipe I used to overcome my seasickness.

  1. I took the Greek equivalent to Dramamine right from the beginning. I didn’t wait to get sick.
  2. I took the medicine for three days and I actually had one of the best times of my life sailing, saltwater hitting my face, sun shining, listening to the local radio stations on the stereo system while drinking homemade ginger tea.
  3. I slept on the floor of the boat one night so that I wouldn’t get sick riding the swells next to the temple of Poseidon.
    concrete pillars during daytime
    Photo by Pixabay on


Then, a miraculous change occurred. After that night riding the swells next to the temple of Poseidon, I decided not to take the medication in the morning. We sailed off to our next destination, and I no longer became seasick. Even though we sailed for another week, I was never sick again. Lucky!

It will take me the rest of my life to pay back my student loan, and like you, everyday I become a little closer to biting the grass (a German saying), not too close yet thankfully. All of the things I do not have do not bother me today because of the things that I do have: a husband who is my best friend, a son, friends, and family who make my heart warm with love and laughter, a sweet little boat, eyes that can see beauty, lungs healthy enough to breathe the soft Mediterranean air, and lastly, taste buds that recognize the flavor of a homegrown Greek tomato. Today my friends, I feel lucky.

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